Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Planting in Soil Bags

I've seen it done a few time but have not tried it myself. I am hoping this will take care of a few problems with melon growing I've had in the past. One problem is aphids. The first year I had aphids so bad, I just gave up on all melons. The second year, I invested in ladybugs. I thought the ladybugs would be temporary but I was pleasantly surprised when they came back the next season in big numbers. However, even with the ladybugs, who are usually about a month too late, the heavy foliage that melons have traps moisture between the ground and the leaves creating a heavenly breeding ground for aphids. Hopefully the gravel, combined with the direct application of water to the roots of the plant, will eliminate the buildup of moisture and solve the aphid problems.

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