Saturday, April 9, 2011

Carrots Like Turtles

What is it with carrots in the desert?

I've been growing carrots for about two years in Arizona. The one thing every harvest has in common is the incredibly long wait.

Okay, I know that they are a long-germinating plant, but seriously, how long am I supposed to wait. I know they also have issues with weed competition, which is a problem with the particular bed they are planted in.  I guess I can't overlook the fact that they absolutely hate clay soil which is pretty much all the low desert has to offer.



What's your turtle plant?

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Simple Summit said...

It used to be Basil... but now I get the already seeded plants and that helps a little. I'm cheating a bit ;-)

Homegrown carrots taste soooooo much better than the store kind! They're well worth the turtle wait... same with apples, and squash, and watermelon, and... :)

The Cast said...

Homegrown is the way to go!

muddytoes said...

In 12 years I think I've harvested maybe 4 full size carrots. I still keep trying, though! I was excited about the great germination I got this year (by covering the seeds with a light dusting of compost instead of my clay soil) but then the chickens ate most of the sprouts when they invaded my garden. Grrr. The fresh carrots from our local organic farmers are SOOOO good that I feel like carrots are worth trying for again. Someday I'll get them right!

Cynthia said...

Jeff's mom gave me a bunch of carrots from a local farm. She taught me how to blanch them. Neat!

The Cast said...

muddytoes - Darn rootin tootin chickens!

Cynthia - Very cool!