Sunday, May 1, 2011

Backwoods Home Magazine

Ever want to know how to medicate cattle, build LED lights or buy the right emergency radio? Found yourself trying to decide whether that pig is the right one for you? Maybe you would like some tips on how to live without electricity? If these are things that interest you, you've got to check out this mag!

A good friend of mine gave me several issues of Backwoods Home magazine a few weeks ago and I've never been the same since. Detailed and extremely well written articles regarding information on animals, self-reliance, homeschooling, recipes, firearms, energy, country living and American history fill the pages of this great homesteading resource.

This publication is the mecca of self-reliance information.

Also, check out their web site for access to some very cool blogs.

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Gary said...

I've done some "backwooding" before, but never on a regular basis. Just think...only 3-4 generations ago, all our ancestors were pretty much in the back woods, hacking out a living. Makes me appreciate how much we have in today's world. I'll try to eliminate at least one complaint per day, such as, "I got in the wrong line again."