Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who will water the worms when I'm gone?

Ok! Ok! Are you sitting down? Ok! We're so excited! Oh we'll just come out and say it!


Oh Yeah!

We got skills.

Ok, so we're not really certified and we've not actually created any worm poop per say, but there is poop a-comin'. You mark my words, poop will be aplenty!

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Bibi - Simple Summit said...

LOL the worms have to get busy!

Cynthia said...

I have tried to create a small compost. Just one in a plastic bag that I keep out side. I started it with dead leaves, coffee grounds, veggie and fruit rines, and egg shells. This may be a stupid question, but do you put dog poop in your compost?

The Cast said...

That would be a no on the dog poop. Pee yes. Poop no.

You will run into problems if trying to compost in less than a 3 cubic foot area. The basic element of composting is heat. The center of the compost pile is where it is hottest and where the work or composting is taking place. If you do not have that environment you will not be able to generate the heat to cook the materials you are attempting to compost. In the end, you will eventually have what you are looking for but it will take a very very long time. It also may be kinda stinky.

I don't want to discourage you from trying though. Keep it in the shade. If it stinks, add shredded paper or dead leaves. If it isn't doing anything at all and does not stink, add water. You will need to turn or mix the compost once a week. If all goes well, in the desert heat, you should have compost in about three months. This is assuming you are no longer adding any green things to it. While one compost is brewing you will need to start another batch.

Or you can have some of mine.

learning table said...

We are trying composting on a very small scale with worm tubes in our garden. We added some worms and are hoping they will eat up all our veggie scraps.